1. Reptile (Netflix) Movie Poster

    I wanted my poster to have an aggressively vintage aesthetic that would be the perfect vehicle for a striking visual. Just enough to pique interest through an unsettling image but not enough to be repulsive. I immediately envisioned that after watching the trailer and reading a short interview with the…

  2. Self Reminders 06

    Part of 6 of my Self Reminders series, see more here: you are safe to heal give your body some credit don’t believe everything you think you are strong anxiety is a hungry monster, stop feeding it

  3. Rosario Dawson

    Rosario Dawson Portrait 1 Rosario Dawson Portrait 2 Rosario Dawson Portrait 3 Rosario Dawson Portrait 4 Rosario Dawson Portrait 5 Watching Rosario Dawson in the new Star Wars Ahsoka reminded how much fun we had on set! Portraits from 2 separate shoots over the years. 

  4. Hip Hop Portraits

    I was compelled to photograph hip hop artists from the very start of my career. A documentary and photo book titled “Hip Hop Immortals” inspired me to buy my first camera. Thank you Hip Hop for 50 years of changing the world forever. Featuring:QuestloveThe Game, Snoop Dogg, XzibitMalverdeSly BoogyRussell SimmonsPublic…

  5. Morning Light Studies

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