1. Rosario Dawson

    Rosario Dawson Portrait 1 Rosario Dawson Portrait 2 Rosario Dawson Portrait 3 Rosario Dawson Portrait 4 Rosario Dawson Portrait 5 Watching Rosario Dawson in the new Star Wars Ahsoka reminded how much fun we had on set! Portraits from 2 separate shoots over the years. 

  2. Hip Hop Portraits

    I was compelled to photograph hip hop artists from the very start of my career. A documentary and photo book titled “Hip Hop Immortals” inspired me to buy my first camera. Thank you Hip Hop for 50 years of changing the world forever. Featuring:QuestloveThe Game, Snoop Dogg, XzibitMalverdeSly BoogyRussell SimmonsPublic…

  3. Morning Light Studies

  4. Fake Movie Posters Using AI

    What do you do when you’re recovering from surgery and are stuck at home for over a week? Well since I had just finished reading Heat 2 by Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner I decided to make some homage parody posters as if the novel was a film using new…

  5. BONUS: Colors, Curves, Textures, & Typography from the Petersen Automotive Museum

    Racecar liveries evoke a pure design inspiration within me. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, and it’s probably not important why, but I love discovering inconspicuous elements and then stepping back to appreciate the car as a whole. 

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