Podcast Cover Art Design

I’m an avid podcast listener, and Spark & Fire by WaitWhat is a big favorite of mine. Delving into the realms of creative minds and the magic that happens during the act of creation, it’s captivating and motivating! The podcast features insightful thoughts from acclaimed creators, unveiling the stories behind their masterpieces.

What sets the podcast apart is the format – a blend of intimacy and insight without sticking to the predictable conversational formula used by most other podcasts.

The writing, editing, and sound design is excellent and really allows you to listen and appreciate being a creative. However, I can’t shake the feeling that the current visual identity doesn’t match the quality and vibrancy they infuse into every episode.


I can picture the brainstorming session for the current visual identity. The creative brief probably went something like, “Let’s convey creativity without the cliché lightbulb or flame.” I get it. 

I appreciate the approach of bold, centered title on top of a complementary gradient resembling a candle’s glow. The tagline set in a playful, scribble-y font adds a touch of “we’re creative and don’t mind getting our hands dirty” vibe.

While these elements capture the overall podcast’s tone without resorting to overused symbols, there’s room for enhancement. Both stylistically and in terms of creating a robust visual identity that resonates with today’s diverse audience (both in cultural background as well as line of work).

My Creative Brief

Design three cover art options that capture the magic of the artistic process. Build upon WaitWhat’s existing design by maintaining the current tone but take it up a notch for memorability and easy recognition when browsing podcast apps.

Devise a distinctive depiction of an explosion that becomes Spark & Fire’s signature, something unique the company can own. Leverage color, composition, and fonts to convey the podcast’s creative, insightful, and spontaneous essence. Steer clear of clichéd lightbulbs, flames, etc.



I selected one of the three options to create mockups, but I believe each of them holds significant potential to become the fresh visual identity for the podcast.

Thanks for viewing!


To listen to Spark & Fire check out https://sparkandfire.com and https://waitwhat.com

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The third cover option was inspired by Jerry-Lee Bosmans artwork titled Emotional Outburst

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