Designing Compelling Netflix Posters for BEEF

Netflix, Beef, Movie Poster, Key Art, A24

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming platforms, traditional movie poster design is taking on a new form. With streamers like Netflix leading the charge, creatives are tasked with adapting their skills to meet the demands of this digital era. Enter Netflix’s “UBA”, a unique breed of creative asset that serves as the streaming equivalent of a movie poster.

UBAs, like their traditional counterparts, must grab attention and encapsulate the essence of the show in a single glance. However, they come with their own set of requirements, particularly in terms of versatility across different devices and platforms. They must maintain a strong focal point within the ‘safe zone’ to ensure visibility amidst various UI elements that may crop or cover parts of the artwork.

For the hit show “Beef,” I designed 6 distinct UBAs. Each aimed to strike a balance between dark comedy, hints of thriller, and subtle nods to mental health themes woven throughout the series. Leveraging techniques such as color psychology, compositional tension, and strategic humor, I tried to capture the show’s chaotic unpredictability.

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