To anyone suffering…

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I spiraled into a dark and scary mental state last week. It’s hard to describe; the world just seemed blurry and vacant. I wasn’t sure how to get out of it but I knew I could choose to give up or figure a way out. 
These portraits were made by my friend Mercedes the day I chose to figure it out. I was vulnerable and tense but she treated me, and Luz, with the tenderness of someone who genuinely cares about who she’s photographing. That’s what I see in her portraiture. A trust between her and her subjects–a safe moment of playful creation. 
The situation I’m dealing with is still real but I give myself credit for taking steps to address my pain. I was suffering and bending but I didn’t break. Now I have these wonderful portraits as reminders of the choice I made. Thank you @mercedes_zapata
To anyone suffering mental struggles, choose to seek help. There’s no shame in reaching out to someone you trust. Do it quietly or loudly but do it. 

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