What camera do you use? (A Hasselblad Story)

“Would you ask a chef what stove they cooked that meal that on??”
This was my go-to response whenever someone asked me what cameras I used. Aggressive, I know, but it was my way of challenging the idea that photography is more science than art. 
The truth is, the pictures this camera makes are special. It’s undeniable. There’s something about it that fills the moment with a magical fairy dust. 
I bought it 15 years ago when I moved back to LA from Denver. I shoved everything I owned into my tiny Honda and hit the road. I took a scenic route through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Northern California. I was on the final leg of the trip driving through the Bay Area when I came across a camera shop. It was small and dusty but they had good stuff. Right away I noticed they had two of these Hasselblads sitting on a shelf behind the counter. I immediately knew they were going home with me even though I was a broke ass college dropout. You might be asking, “Why buy 2 then?”.
Well my plan was to keep one and give the other one to @ernestoyerena since we were heavy into film photography at the time. But, the shop owner wasn’t interested in a 2-for-1 deal at the moment. So I decided to stick around the area and go back the next day. I negotiated my ass off and he eventually agreed to my price–as long as I paid in cash. 
So with the cameras stashed in the only empty space left on the dashboard of my car I brought them back to LA. I gave Ernesto his and mine quickly became my go-to. It captured everything from epic adventures to cherished family moments, all over the world. It’s been years since I’ve used it though. I’ve bought, sold, and traded all my cameras over the years but I might just keep this one. However, it does seem a bit selfish not to let someone else make use of its magical fairy dust.

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