This isn’t a Rolex

I wouldn’t blame you for rolling your eyes when I say I love and collect watches.

I’ve come across people with attitudes that made me wish I didn’t. But those people are actually few and far in between. Most of the community I talk watches with are similar to me. They enjoy the design and history of watches and watchmaking. They see them as story vessels and opportunities to wear something meaningful–an expression not unlike any other piece of jewelry.

My mom bought me this Geoffrey Beene watch, from Kohl’s most likely for like $9. At first I cringed a little bit because it simply isn’t my style. It’s not something I would have purchased for myself. But I’m not surprised that I wear it pretty regularly. It doesn’t even tick anymore; the battery ran out a while ago. I don’t wear it to check the time though.

I wear it to be reminded of how powerful a mother’s love is. I wear it as a reminder of what true unconditional love is. 

Thank you for thinking of me when you saw this watch mom. I love you.

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