The things I choose to own

AnOrdain Model 1 - Pink Dial

I don’t own a lot of material things. In fact, having too many fills me with a mild anxiety.

That’s why I choose to curate all of my material possessions down to only things that provide me a lot of function, joy, and enrichment. I value these items a lot. It can be anything from my sports jerseys, favorite coffee mug, chef’s knife, my watch and art collection, cameras, or something as mundane as my toothbrush. They are all meaningful to me. They serve as reminders and story-telling vessels.  

Every time I use them, look at them, or think about them they bring me a sense of gratitude. If they don’t, they get donated or discarded. 

For example, my watch collection. I’ve owned dozens of watches over the years but I’ve sold or given away all of them except four. These 4 watches are very significant to me. Pictured is my Anordain Model 1 - Pink Dial and it’s a great example.

I purchased it at the end of 2020 as a symbol of how much I had grown while living in Santa Barbara (hence the map engraving on the caseback). I went through a substantial transformation during my time there. So now every time I wear it it reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much further I can go, if I choose to. 

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