Creative Inspirations

Ja Morant – Pietà painting by Annibale Carracci (@artbutmakeitsports)

As a creative person, finding inspiration is key to my work. I’m always searching for ideas and more often than not they come when you are most open to receiving them. In this post, I want to share some sources that have become staples in my creative routine. I’d love to hear if you have any. Feel free to send them my way.

First up is the Spark and Fire podcast. This show doesn’t miss for me. After getting fatigued from the popular conversational podcast format–discovering this show was a breath of much needed fresh air. They dive into the mindset of creative people as they share insight behind some of their most iconic work. It’s a great reminder of where creativity is born and how it’s used effectively to connect with the audience. 

Next, I’ve been having a lot of fun learning about AI and how it impacts the business of design and culture. The Conditions is a weekly newsletter by Joshua Leigh and it has a lot of interesting news and links to articles that help give me new perspectives on the intersection of tech and culture.

When I need a break from reading, I turn to Mubi, a streaming platform for independent and international films. It’s like a cross between Netflix and Criterion Collection. I’ve watched 11 films since I signed up and every single one has left a big impression on me. My favorite so far has to be Nest” Directed by Hlynur Palmason! The service has a touch of magic to it because I can just choose something interesting from the homepage without overthinking or browsing endlessly. Mubi’s introduced me to films and filmmakers I might not have discovered otherwise, expanding my worldview and giving me new ideas to explore. Absolutely love it!

For a little bit of escapism, I turn to the TV show American Pickers. It follows a couple of antique store owners as they travel around the country searching for hidden treasures in people’s junk piles. It aligns with my belief that anything and everything can be valued. It’s just fun to watch people do what they love while I learn a bit of history, gain an appreciation for collecting, and hearing interesting stories behind what would be considered junk to most people. 

Finally, I love the profile @artbutmakeitsports. The guy who runs it is obsessed with sports and art and decided a few years ago to play with the intersection of these two worlds where they rarely meet. It’s a must-follow on Instagram or Twitter

These are just a few of the sources of inspiration that I turn to on a regular basis. What are some of yours?

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