Weird Al isn’t weird at all

Weird isn’t a word I’d use to describe the time I photographed Al Yankovich. 

I was shooting a key art campaign for a TV show and just as I had wrapped I see Weird Al walking by my set. The assignment was to photograph the lead star but Weird Al had a cameo on the show so without hesitation I run over to him and ask if he’d come over for some quick shots.

I noticed he was hoping to get out ASAP but he politely smiled and walked over. He was on the seamless for all of 30 seconds but in those 30 seconds he displayed attentiveness, grace, and generosity to me and my crew. I got some shots for my portfolio and my client got some bonus photos but more importantly he taught me the value of choosing to say yes.

Weird Al Yankovich

Thank you Al, that moment has stuck with me over the years.  

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