Tapping into Your Audience’s Pain Points

As disc golfers, we enjoy playing the sport in majestic landscapes from Vermont’s Green Mountains to the Åland Islands of Finland. However, we lose a lot of discs while out on the course.

It’s easy to do so with an errant throw, a bad bounce, or a roll down a hill. Your disc can be ridiculously hard to retrieve even if you know where it is. You hope that someone else might stumble upon it and either return it to you or keep it for themselves but the reality is that a lot of discs end up abandoned on the course. 

It’s a conundrum every disc golfer has… you’re literally polluting your happy place. So when we launched this campaign it resonated with our audience. The tagline caught their attention but the underlying message allowed them a moment to pause and reflect which lead to a spike in jersey sales–all while increasing brand affinity. 

I’m proud of these campaigns during my time at JomezPro because I took advantage of participating and contributing to a community that provided me so much joy in my life.

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