I'm a Creative (Director, Designer, Photographer) with nearly two decades of experience in entertainment.

I recently ended my tenure as Chief Brand Officer for a sports media company with over 200 million views on YouTube and a million fans worldwide. 

Prior to that I designed and photographed key art in-house at a TV channel; worked on blockbuster, Oscar-nominated, and critically acclaimed film and TV show campaigns with several ad agencies; and was the head designer of the longest-running art fair on the West Coast.

Now, I'm looking to connect and collaborate with filmmakers, creative and marketing directors, and distributors. 


  • I've worked throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Cuba, Italy, Dubai, Ireland, France, Australia, Netherlands, Fiji, and almost drowned on a shoot in Costa Rica. So that was cool. 
  • Been published internationally as well as self-published several editorial photography projects through solo and group exhibitions.
  • Have won various awards and received recognition such as: IMP Awards – Best Horror Movie Poster Shortlist (Downrange) | Mubi's Best of "Movie Poster of the Day" (Coherence) | Blurb's Book of the Month (Cuba Y Cubans) | PROMAX/BDA TV Documentary Campaign (Pastport: Search for Nicolita) | Behance Featured Artist (Ink & Steel)
  • Founded my own sports design company, Overstable Studios, that was eventually acquired.


  • HBO
  • Netflix
  • TBS
  • History
  • A+E Networks
  • ESPN
  • CBS Sports
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Comedy Dynamics
  • Oscilloscope Laboratories
  • Fuse TV

My Backstory

Born in Los Angeles. Raised in Mexico. Retiring in Hawaii (someday). 

I didn't know how billboards were made but in my young mind I knew someone made something so good that they put it on the side of building. 

Combine that desire to make billboards with my fascination of entertainment and here I am. Even our daughter is named after my childhood idol, Lucille Ball, mostly because my wife wouldn't let me name her Cantinflas.

I took a computer graphics class in high school and that graduating summer I had 3 internships and got offered my first job designing for a small magazine while I began attending design college.

Since then, I’ve been lucky to work on so many rewarding projects with incredibly talented people. I feel like I’ve “done it all” but at the same time "am just getting started." 

Fast forward and now I'm looking to collaborate on fresh projects and create more work that is so good it deserves to be on the side of buildings!

Oldies But Goodies

Below is a 1 minute vignette about my photography from 2009.

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